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About Us

ElizaSixtyFour is a tech driven company that provides data science solutions to help organisations leverage a competitive data-driven advantage.

By using innovative machine learning and SaaS software, ElizaSixtyFour helps organisations to extract accurate, clean and useful data from existing business processes to provide greater levels of insight and value to help maximise business potential and improve efficiency.


Uncover valuable data-driven insights from your images with our innovative image recognition software.

Our planogram image recognition tool, Recognise, allows automated compliance checking of retail fixtures from a photo.

Recognise compares a photograph to the planogram assigned to a fixture, then analyses the photo to identify which products are on shelf. By comparing what is identified to what should be on the planogram, our tool instantly identifies out of stock products and compliance discrepancies, which enables merchandising and replenishment of stock to be efficient and accurate.

We have worked with our partners, Dee Set, to integrate our technology into their merchandising systems, helping them to boost merchandising compliance, increase product availability and increase efficiency.

By using our API it is possible to integrate the power of planogram recognition technology into your own business so your internal teams can unlock the data you require.

Consultancy Services

We provide Data Science Consultancy Services, covering knowledge transfer, ad-hoc pieces of work and bespoke solutions.

Our areas of experties include:

Machine Learning

We design and train machine learning models for classification and predictive analytics, including deep convolution neural networks for image analysis

Dataset Modelling

We can model large datasets to gain insight and make data driven business recommendations

Data Engineering

We can help you build data pipelines and manage the data that you already have. At ElizaSixtyFour we have the expertise to unlock the full potential of your data.

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Here at ElizaSixtyFour we are experts at data science consultancy. By using machine learning and Data Science, we help you to unlock the value of data.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you in making the most out of your data, please e-mail us:


The Team

We are a team of Data Scientists and DevOps Engineers who specialise in helping companies make the most out of their data.

We work mainly in Python to build and train machine learning models, carry out dataset modelling, and deploy our solutions.

Greg has a background in retail, having previously worked as a Sales Director and led a multi-site food retail business.
As a long suffering Newcastle United fan, Greg enjoys football and boxing though has recently hung up his own boots and gloves for the more civilised pursuits of cycling and golf.
Greg Philips


David previously worked for Stagecoach as their Chief Technical Officer for the UK and North American divisions, responsible for their global technology strategy focusing heavily on business technology and modernisation.
In his spare time David is an avid golfer, however if you can’t find him on the Green you will find him fueling his passion for travel and exploring a new cities.
David Pugh


Phil Barton is a Linux Systems expert and senior Developer specialising in APIs, Machine Learning and IOT.
You'll find him building and developing with Raspberry Pi or Arduino in his spare time, when he's not cycling down mountains or kayaking in the local lakes.
Phil Barton

Senior DevOps

After spending almost 10 years in various roles through the retail industry (most recently as a Data Scientist at the UK's largest pharmacy and cosmetics retailer). Rob understands how large scale retailers work and how they can use data as a strategic pillar. He specialises in customer and operational optimisation, finding ways to either generate more revenue from their existing assets or using them in a way which reduces their overheads.
When not working at ElizaSixtyFour, Rob has a number of side projects, which along with his young family keep him very busy.
Rob Franklin

Senior Data Scientist

Having completed a Major in Business Analytics with focus on Machine Learning, Teja is enthusiastic about solving problems using Data Science. He loves to apply his data capabilities on the most pressing business issues to help improve efficiency.
He can be found playing tennis on most weekends, so let him know if you want to play a game if you are in or around Stockport.
Teja Gali

Junior Data Scientist

Work for Us

We are always interested in hearing from technically minded Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers.

If you are interested in what we do, please send your CV to jobs@elizasixtyfour.com